How to Make a Short Film

Have a desire to make a short film, but still don’t know how to make it? Quiet! This article will discuss in full how to make a cool film and some examples of short films that won awards, so watch this article to the end.

Filmmaking is a discipline that requires high technical ability and involves a variety of skills, Urbaners. Therefore, jumping into the world of filmmaking is certainly not an easy matter. But, there are still many ways for you to learn, one of them is by making a short film, which can help you learn more about filmmaking and jump right into the field. You have a great chance to make your own movie, you know!

As the name implies, this type of film certainly has a short duration as well. Wikipedia notes that this type of film is one of the simplest and most complex forms of film. Technically it is a film that has a duration of no more than 50 minutes. The form is also very free, you know, because the makers have the freedom to choose the desired speech method.

Because the making depends on the creator, this film has a varying shape and duration. There is even a duration of only 60 seconds. Whether or not the duration is not the most important, Urbaners. The most important thing is the idea and use of communication media used can take place effectively. So, if the 60-second duration can summarize ideas and messages to the audience, there is absolutely no problem.

The increasing variety of films today makes a more open perspective on the form of film. This type of film also has a significant contribution to the development of cinema today. But keep in mind that essentially short films are not reductions from films that have a long story or a training vehicle for beginners, yes, because this type of film has its own characteristics that make it unique.

The uniqueness makes it different from films that have long stories. Not because of the narrow meaning, making it easier, or using a more minimal budget, but because it can provide the space for expression. This space provides filmmakers with the opportunity to freely express their ideas and filmmakers to showcase their talents.

How to make a short film for beginners

If all this time you have the desire to make a short film, now is the time for you to realize the desires and ideas that you have in your real work, Urbaners. Are you still confused about where to start?

1. Prepare Story Ideas

The first thing you have to prepare is to come up with a story idea, Urbaners. If you don’t have a story idea, no matter how good or expensive any camera you have, your film won’t be created. Therefore, the first step is to find a story idea that you want to work on. For best results, make sure your story idea is unique, new, and must be an original alias like never before!

2. Conduct Initial Research

After you have an idea that you want to work on, the next step is to do initial research. This research aims to find out the background of the story you want to raise. If you are serious, this initial research must be very detailed. But, if you want to do a simple initial research, you can just browse the internet or ask lots of people who experience the stories you want to pick up.

3. Provide Complete Equipment

Now is the time for you to prepare the various equipment you need. The equipment you need is not as much and as complex as making a movie that airs in a movie theater. What you need is a camcorders or video camera complete with batteries and charger. Also make sure you bring an extra microphone and extension cable, tripod, and most importantly a number of blank and backup tapes, Urbaners.

4. Field Research

When you already have a story and a number of supporting equipment, you can determine the location of the picture to shoot. But, before shooting there is one thing you must do, which is to see the condition of the place that you will make the scene. You must pay attention to this condition because it is related to the equipment you are carrying. For example you are shooting in the mountains and have to spend the night, do not forget to bring a tent and other preparations.

5. Prepare the Coarse Storyline

You must determine who you will adopt as a character. Usually, you can determine the figure from the results of research in the field. Because from the results of research in the field, you can get ideas that are far more specific and interesting to lift from the initial ideas that you had when you were at home. Make a rough story line from your ideas, for example everyday to a place that is usually visited by the character you choose.

6. Create a Synopsis

Then you can make a synopsis or a short story about the short film you are working on. From this synopsis, you can determine who you should interview, list questions for each interview that you will do, to list the pictures (footage) that you need outside the interview.

7. Shooting

When everything is ready, you can take pictures, Urbaners. From the results of your research, you will know where and whenever the people you want to interview are located. Now, for the maximum image capture process, there are some things you should pay attention to. Among them:

  • You have to ask permission before doing the interview, Urbaners. Avoid coming directly to the interview without news. Besides the way it’s not good, people who want you to interview can also be disliked and you fail to do the interview according to plan.
  • Just in case the condition of the location where you are interviewing is crowded, don’t forget to bring and use an additional microphone.
  • You can use the list of questions that you made earlier as a reference and so that the interview goes smoothly. But, also try to make the atmosphere not too rigid. You can ask outside the list of questions if it suits the conditions.
  • Make the interview as comfortable as possible. Since there’s a possibility that the person you’re interviewing isn’t comfortable with the camera, it’s your duty to break the ice.
  • You can use a tripod if the interview lasts a long time, Urbaners. Especially if the interview is not done while moving.
  • Make sure you do interviews with all the people you’ve made. Record all the pictures you have written in the footage list.
  • If you have time and backup tapes, you can also record a number of additional images that you might be able to use during the editing process.
  • If all the videos in the story have been taken, don’t forget to double check or triple check if necessary. You have to really check so there are no interviews and missed shots.

8. Create a Final Story Line

After shooting is complete, you can proceed with making the final storyline. You can adjust the notes you have with the results of the interview. Try to note, whether the notes and results of your interview are appropriate or in fact there are parts that you need to change and can be developed in which direction. This adjustment is very likely to occur because the results of the interview can provide a lot more data, Urbaners.

Not only more, it could be that the data is different from what you have prepared before. But you don’t need to worry too much because you can fix and make a new synopsis arranged according to the recordings you’ve watched repeatedly. Now, if the final storyline is finished, you can proceed to the recording editing process.

9. Edit Video Results

If the shooting process is complete and you are sure that nothing has been missed, you can continue by editing the results of the video, Urbaners. The editing process is certainly important because the results of the video that you take are still in raw or chopped form, maybe even there is an incorrect video so you need to edit. Well, the purpose of this editing process is nothing but to combine video parts and give a number of special effects.

A number of special effects for sound or color gradations you need to do to make it more cool and interesting to watch. If this is your first time working on films, you can do this editing process in a team so that it is easier and the results are neat. Actually it’s easy or not the editing process depends on whether or not the video that you take is neat. If the video is a mess, it will be difficult for you to edit it, Urbaners.

So, make sure you take neat videos so it’s easy to edit later. Because no matter how great the person who edited the video, if the edited video doesn’t have a clear plot, the results will still be ugly. If you have taken the video to the maximum, the editing process should have proceeded smoothly. No need to worry too much because now there are many video editing applications that you can use quite easily.

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